Time Is on Your Side

JANUARY 26, 2015
Starting the New Year can be both exciting and depressing. It’s easy to feel like a failure on January 2 after falling short on a resolution you had set for yourself just 24 hours prior. 

To avoid this disappointing feeling, I always try to set practical goals for myself. This year, I told myself that I would be more aware of the food I prepare and eat. So, whenever I’m at the grocery store or a restaurant, I try to learn the source of the food, how it is produced, and what chemicals are added, and then I contemplate whether I enjoy the taste.

However, I also want my taste buds to be a bit more adventurous this year. My husband and I recently returned home from a vacation in Argentina and Uruguay. We love traveling to experience different paces of life, culture, and, of course, food.  
Finding ways to add foreign customs into my everyday routine makes me not only a better-rounded person, but also a more tolerant health care professional. While I was in Uruguay and Argentina, I couldn't help but notice the slower pace and emphasis on social interactions. While enjoying a long, relaxing dinner with my husband one evening, I looked around the room and noticed that everyone was talking to someone. No one was in a rush and there wasn't a piece of technology in sight! In turn, people were taking time with their meals and eating better, smaller portions.
Being in this environment made me realize 2 things. First, I should take more time to enjoy a meal, as it often leads to eating healthier. Second, I need to remember to look up and, as my Grandma would say, smell the roses.
Speaking of my Grandma, time unfortunately seems to be running short for her. She just celebrated her 97th birthday and has been in and out of the hospital recently. As a health care professional, I know how hard this back and forth is on everyone involved. My Grandma is very loved and I would like think we share a special bond.
For instance, she taught me how to cook many things. My mouth starts to water when I think of her chicken dumpling soup or pork schnitzel. My Grandma also taught me how to make jam, a recipe that I have gone on to win awards in her honor.


So, in the spirit of slowing down, I encourage everyone to enjoy the sunrise and sunset and take your time when eating a meal. Hopefully, some laughs and smiles will fall in between, especially on a snowy day!
Remember the good times, cherish the past, and look to the future.  Here’s to a healthy and rewarding 2015!