Glassdoor released its third annual list of the highest-paying professions in the United States, and both pharmacists and pharmacy managers landed among the top 25 jobs highlighted. Other health care jobs also made the list.
The jobs were ranked according to median base salary, and estimated job openings were also recorded. Glassdoor sorted the best-paying jobs based on salary reports from US employees who filled out information on their site over the past year. The site only considers professions that have at least 100 salary reports filled out.
The top 5 highest-paying jobs on the list were: 
1. Physician. 
According to a recent survey from , the average annuall full-time pay for patient care was $294,000, with top salaries going to orthopedists, cardiologists, and plastic surgeons. 
The top 5 highest-paying jobs on the list were: 
2. Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy manager ranked as the second highest-paying job with a median base salary of $149,064. Glassdoor also reported an estimated 2370 job openings, and named the top cities for hiring as Austin, TX, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Dallas, TX, and Columbus, OH.
The top 5 highest-paying jobs on the list were: 
3. Patent Attorney
The top 5 highest-paying jobs on the list were: 
4. Medical Science Liaison
The top highest paying jobs were:
5. Pharmacist

Pharmacists landed fifth on the list with a median base salary of $125,957. There are reportedly an estimated 5496 job openings, and cities with the highest hiring opportunities included Providence, RI, Baltimore, San Diego, CA, Sacramento, CA, and Milwaukee, WI.

According to the , the list is limited by who chooses to submit reports. Therefore, it is meant to be more of a general guide for job seekers than a comprehensive study.
You can find the full list .