Several of Pharmacology Professor's Cancer Research Articles Retracted

FEBRUARY 14, 2017
Jennifer Barrett, Assistant Editor

A Maryland university-led investigation resulted in the retraction of several research articles written by a pharmacology professor, and further barred him from conducting research at the university, reported.
Anil K. Jaiswal, identified by the newspaper as a pharmacology professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, came under scrutiny after university officials were alerted to potential inaccuracies in several of his cancer research articles published in scientific journals. Jaiswal has been a member of the faculty for almost a decade, and had 2 research articles previously retracted in 2014.
According to retraction statements, an investigation found unreliable data in the reports that did not support the professor’s hypothesis. In one instance, several figures were digitally altered to conceal particular data bands. Following the investigation, the Journal of Biological Chemistry retracted 6 articles it had published, according to the Baltimore Sun report.  
The retracted articles included research on how the protein Nrf2 behaves, which has been studied in the prevention of cancer. Jaiswal’s research has also been cited by other researchers on numerous occasions, in some cases more than 100 times.
Scientific research can be retracted if its data or results are found to be inaccurate, unreliable, or fabricated, or if it involves research misconduct. Some retractions are a result of mistakes that cause major flaws in the articles.
The university did not comment on whether Jaiswal will remain on the medical faculty.