Topical Products Voluntarily Recalled Due to Unsafe Manufacturing

JUNE 15, 2017
Kaitlynn Ely
Summer is approaching, and that means more scrapes, burns, and rashes as more people head outdoors, but 9 products used to treat these conditions are being recalled.

After an FDA inspection of Phillips Company, the firm is voluntarily recalling their Tetrastem, Diabecline, Tetracycline-ABC, VenomX, Acneen, StaphWash, StringMed, NoPain, and LidoMed products as of June 9, 2017. According to FDA officials, it was suspected that the company’s manufacturing practices did not ensure the safety, purity, and quality of these listed products.

The FDA also suspects that the quality of the topical ointments has been inconsistent with the noted expiration date on the packaging labels for the past 3 years.

These topical antibiotics are used to treat mild scrapes, burns, and rashes.  Some were also intended to be hair growth products and skin cleansers.  All products were sold in 5-mL dropper bottles as wholesale products. 

The FDA stated that “to date, no adverse events have been reported.”

Phillips Company is currently notifying its distributors of the recall and is allowing all patients who purchased these products to return them to the manufacturer.  All use of these products should be ceased immediately to reduce the risk of injury.
All questions and concerns regarding this recall can be sent to Phillips Company email at [email protected] or through phone at (580) 746-2430 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.

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