OTC Product News (March 2017)

MARCH 20, 2017

Advanced Nutrition Prenatal+DHA 300
Marketed by: Zahler
Advanced Nutrition by Zahler has introduced a new formula with vitamins and minerals that promotes health, enhances energy, and provides premium nutritional care for mothers and fetuses. Prenatal+DHA 300 also includes vitamin K, chromium, lutein, and molybdenum.
For more information: zahlers.com
Hydration Multiplier
Marketed by: Liquid IV
Liquid IV’s first product, Hydration Multiplier, is now available in drugstores across the United States. Hydration Multiplier is a lemon-lime flavored powder that optimizes water by using a calculated ratio of nutrients to deliver hydration more directly to cells. 
For more information: liquid-iv.com
Berkeley Life Heart Health
Marketed by: L2G North America
L2G North America’s new Berkley Life Heart Health supplement—a formula based on research showing the pivotal role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular health —is now available at retailers nationwide. Berkley Life Heart Health is the first OTC supplement to deliver the benefit of nitric oxide production for cardiovascular health.
For more information: berkeleylife.com

Mederma AG
Marketed by: Merz Aesthetics
Merz Aesthetics has launched its new Mederma AG skincare line. Mederma AG products are formulated with glycolic acid for exfoliating and hydrating, are hypoallergenic, and are free of scents, soaps, and parabens.
For more information: merzusa.com