What Should Pharmacists Be Aware of When Consulting with Patients About Nutraceuticals?

MARCH 30, 2017
In this clip, Judy Sommers Hanson, PharmD, FAPhA, chats with Plantsvszombies.info about the important role that pharmacists can play in educating the public on nutraceuticals.



"There's multiple sides to patients when they manage their chronic health conditions. Because of the fact that they are taking prescriptions, there could be a risk for nutrient depletion, and there could be a need to add on additional nutrients or supplements. Patients have an interest in adding these [supplements] for other concerns they have as well. The pharmacist needs to be keenly aware about what's happening with their patients, learning about the prescriptions they are on as well as what they are using at home, and they really do need to be looking into the nutraceuticals the patients are using to make sure there aren't any concerns for drug interactions or complications that could result. It's about utilizing the evidence and the studies that are out there to make best decisions for their patients, in collaboration with their other health care providers."