ASCP: Helping Seniors Manage Their Medications

APRIL 18, 2018
Officials with the nonprofit American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) are recruiting licensed US pharmacists who are actively engaged in pharmacy practice to join their soon-to-be launched ASCP Foundation's Senior Care Pharmacist Directory.

The directory is an extension of the ASCP's mission, which is to provide older adults and their caregivers quality care and access to support.

"As a pharmacist, you are uniquely positioned and experienced to coordinate their medication-related care needs," the ASCP notes on their website. "You can be a patient advocate! You can help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, harmful drug interactions, and falls. You can use your clinical knowledge and training to help older adults with their medications."

Interested pharmacists can visit  to get listed on the ASCP Foundation's Senior Care Pharmacist Directory, so patients and caregivers can find and you for your clinical services. Using' exclusive promotional code: 2018PHARMTIMES50, pharmacists can save $50 on directory membership.