Pharmacists Rank Among 100 Best, Highest Paying Jobs of 2018

JANUARY 18, 2018
Jennifer Barrett
US News & World Report recently released its ranking of the highest paying and best overall jobs of 2018, and pharmacists made the cut for both lists.

For its best jobs list, US News analyzed data based on a variety of factors, capturing desirable qualities that employees seek out in their careers. This includes salary, unemployment rate, 10-year growth percentage, future job prospects, stress level, and work-life balance.  

This year, pharmacists ranked as #45 among the 100 professions selected, with a $122,230 median salary, 2% unemployment rate, and 17,600 available jobs.

On the overall scorecard, the profession received 6.5 score, with an 8.7 score for salary, 6 for job market, 4 for future growth, 4 for stress, and 4 for work-life balance. In terms of job satisfaction, pharmacy was given an “above average” rating for upward mobility, “above average” rating for stress level, and “below average” rating for flexibility.

Pharmacists also secured the 21st spot among the 100 best paying jobs of 2018. Each of the jobs listed were ranked by average salary. According to US News, the best-paid 10% of pharmacists analyzed made $157,950, while the lowest-paid made $87,120.

Health care professions dominated both lists, with anesthesiologist coveting the #1 spot on the highest paying list, followed by surgeon and obstetrician and gynecologist. Dentists ranked the highest among health care professions on the overall best jobs list at #2, followed by

In 2017, pharmacists were highlighted on several job lists, including LinkedIn's Most Promising Jobs of 2017 and Glassdoor's Best-Paying and Most Competitive In-Demand Jobs

You can read the full and the list here.