Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

MARCH 01, 2018
Mike Hennessy, Sr, Chairman and CEO
Pharmacists are truly the unsung heroes of the health care team. From educating to immunizing, pharmacists play an essential role in improving outcomes, yet it seems that the full scope of their work is too often underappreciated. Fortunately, their honesty and integrity have not gone unnoticed by patients, who in a recent Gallup poll have once again ranked pharmacists among the most trustworthy professionals.1

Amid a flu season that is quickly becoming record-breaking,2 it is particularly critical that we recognize pharmacists for their efforts to mitigate the spread of influenza and care for those affected by the disease. More than 28% of adults received their flu vaccine at a pharmacy this season,3 illustrating that pharmacists have considerable influence in protecting patients against the flu. Additionally, given their accessibility, community pharmacists are often the first providers to whom patients turn when they develop flulike symptoms. As terrible as the latest outbreak has been, it could have been even worse if not for the dedication of pharmacists.

Pharmacists also deserve credit for all that they do to treat central nervous system diseases and promote mental health. To help pharmacists in these endeavors, this issue of® contains practical information about antidepressants, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, headaches, and more. Speaking of credit, be sure to check out our 2 continuing education activities for this month, which cover topics such as azelaic acid and hazardous drugs.

As part of our commitment to illuminating the value of the pharmacist,® is once again partnering with Parata Systems to showcase the best of the pharmacy profession through our Next-Generation Pharmacist® Awards. The program, now in its ninth year, honors outstanding pharmacists, students, and technicians who strive for excellence in their practice settings and inspire others to do the same, all while advancing pharmacy as a whole in the process. If you know of exceptional individuals worthy of recognition, head over to and submit a nomination.

As we continue to make our way through this flu season and cautiously approach spring, always look for ways to celebrate pharmacists who go above and beyond in providing care for their patients.

Thank you for reading!

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